LNG Reduces GHG Emisions

In early February the Canadian Environmental Assessment Office released a report on the Woodfibre LNG facility.  According to that report greenhouse gas (GHG’s) emissions amount to 129 kilo tones/year from the project and approximately 790 kilo tones/year from upstream activities.  My internet search indicates that the total amounts to about 1.5% of annual greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia.

The published report does not attempt to calculate downstream emissions.  If the LNG replaces coal, it would reduce GHG’s as natural gas has about half the GHG’s as coal for the same amount of energy.  With a total LNG output of 2.1 megatonnes the GHG emission reduction can be calculated using the ration of the molecular weights of methane and CO2.   By these calculations, the emission reduction would be about 5.8 megatonnes per year or roughly 6 times the total GHG emissions of the plant and the upstream activities associated with producing the natural gas.

Exporting LNG from BC will very likely have a very favorable impact on global GHG emissions.

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Dan Potts is a retired 75 year old grandfather and former forest industry executive. He earned a BS degree in Chemical Engineering at the U of Washington, 1962; MBA, Stanford University 1964. Major part of career was location manager of five different pulp and paper mill locations. These highly energy intensive facilities led to the development of an interest in energy issues. Upon leaving the forest industry in 1999, Potts became the Executive Director of the trade association representing BC Hydro's largest customers. This association sponsored intervention before the BC Utilities Commission on various proceedings affecting industrial customers. It also represented its members to government and BC Hydro when appropriate. Potts retired in 2010. He lives with his wife in West Vancouver and frequently travels south to visit his four children and eight grand-children.
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