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The Myth of Clean Energy Jobs

Many “Clean Energy” think-tanks, the Pembina Institute in particular, tout clean energy jobs as justification for developing clean energy as part of the energy supply portfolio in BC.  On May 14, 2015 the Vancouver Sun had an article on a Pembina … Continue reading

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Energy Development Situation in British Columbia

A Not So Brief Summary of Energy Development in BC What British Columbians want (liquid natural gas exports), declining markets won’t let them have; what British Columbians can have (oil pipelines from Alberta to the North Coast) they don’t want; … Continue reading

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Why Site C is a Loser!

Cost of Site C The December 16, 2014  press release from the Provincial Government identified the cost to customers of Site C as $500 million per year, nominal dollars, continuing at that level for the indefinite future.  If you divide … Continue reading

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How BC Hydro Wastes $560 Million Each Year

Until 2010 BC Hydro included Burrard Thermal in their list of available resources at a annual rated capacity of 6,000 gigawatt hours per year.  In actual fact, Burrard Thermal seldom produced electricity since it was almost always less expensive to … Continue reading

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Consumption of Electric Power in BC is Declining

The discussion of the electric power issue in BC is always founded on the fundamental assumption that BC needs to build more dams and power plants to meet our growing need for electric power.  Sorry all you dam builders, natural … Continue reading

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BC Hydro Obfuscation

In the process of keeping an eye on BC Hydro, I have been a regular reader of their annual report, and the report for fiscal 2015 is now available on their website.  Last year’s report included information on the purchases … Continue reading

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Electric Power Rates In BC Ever Increasing, Why

Why is it that BC Hydro customers are facing an almost never-ending series of rate increases when electric power is in ample supply, market prices for electric power are very low, the efficiency of producing electric power from natural gas … Continue reading

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